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There is no second place in safety...


We can help you prepare all cases related to workman's comp, on the job injuries, OSHA violations, as well as OSHA style audits.

Our group of safety professionals is headed by a degreed safety professional who has also been a paramedic for more than 2 decades. His experience in preparing and executing safety plans has provided many companies and their legal council the ability to prepare for  safe and successful operation.

There will always be those companies who take little to no effort in the practice of safe working environments for their employees. Our organization is dedicated the successful litigation against these organizations and their corporate legal teams.

Written Safety Plans

  • Safety process reviews
  • Full service safety programs
  • OSHA Hearing Representation

Plaintiffs and Defendants
Written Opinions
Deposition Testimony
Trial Testimony
Review of Occupational Deficiencies in Workplace Intentional Tort Cases

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